The set of the activities to support the intercultural perception of the world for children 6-12 years old.


Do you have time to think about, look for or create constantly new activities that are dedicated to the actual topics such as tolerance, multicultural society, getting to know the world and yourself?


Do you want your students to have fun while learning, sharing their points of view, listening to the others and communicating with each other at the same time?


Do you want to show them our planet and other cultures attractively and introduce them to the world in original and experiential way? 


But HOW?

I have a solution for you!

Activities and games for getting to know the world differently.

How does it look like?

This set of activities consists of 4 games – Get to know the Continents, Role playing Game, What are we like? and My mysterious World + BONUS. It does not contain factual data that can be found on the Internet.

Activities are full of colours and visually interesting in order to attract children as well as adults. 

PDF format enables easy printing of all cards.

What is the purpose?

The activities are primarily for children from the 1st grade of the elementary school, approx. 6 – 12 years old. However, they can be easily adapted to older children by slightly modifying the questions and tasks according to their age and knowledge.


Children will get to know the world as a whole and also in details. It supports their imagination and creativity, increases tolerance towards themselves and others, clarifies what are their priorities, where, with whom and how they would like to live.

What will children get?

The set of activities contains:

Over 90 pages altogether.

Introduction for the Perceive the World set of activities

– description of the activities, usage suggestions, further inspiration, information about the author, contact, copyright

Set of games for children: 30 pages of pictures, questions and tasks


Get to know the Continents

Children will familiarize themselves with basic geography.  They expand their horizons regarding the landmasses of the Earth.  Where we live, what other continents exist, how different people and cultures can live elsewhere, how the nature changes with regards to the continent location and so on.  They will deepen their perception of the world as a whole and in details.


Travel as … Role playing game

This game brings a lot of reflection and fun. Children will empathize with a role in a certain situation. This activity develops empathy, logical thinking, cooperation and imagination. It also allows the feelings and emotions in the role of someone else thus children are less shy. 

What are we like?

Children will recognize the differences between various races and ethnicities from the outside look (color of the skin, hair, different clothes etc.) but at the same time they will realize that we are all humans living on this planet Earth. They will think about what can unite us – breaking xenophobia, racism, not making differences between people. This activity promotes tolerance and awareness of ourselves and others.

My mysterious World 

This activity empowers child’s fantasy, creativity and imagination.

The child will create its own world according to him/herself. Therefore, you can find out what are his/her wishes and what he/she desires. Children realize what they like, what they like doing by answering the given questions. They can also focus on positive things and what they want to have in their lives = world.

+ Attachments 

Together more than 60 pages –  Continent names, Maps of the World, Pictures for continents (graphics and photos), Nations and ethnicities – individual pictures or cards divided by colors for your convenience – print their size according to your usage. Color coded cards are more suitable for younger children.

+ BONUS Further inspiration – questions and tasks for your inspiration for further discussions and activities with children. 

What is needed?

Printer – ideally color printer. The activity contains the pictures for printing that have beautiful colours. You can print them in black & white, the functions stays unchanged.

Laminator – not necessary but recommended for laminating the pictures so they stay longer pretty and usable.

Be in a good mood and actively engaged!

How to use the activities?

Each game has its description what is necessary to have, how and what to prepare and what are the rules of the game including further usage. A teacher/guide/parent acts mainly as a moderator, most of the activity is left to the children/students. Everything is very flexible. It can be adapted to the age and knowledge of the participants.


"Activities are inspiring, open actual social topics and by experiential form of learning they can dive in to the perception of the world from different points of view."
Šárka F.
ScioŠkola Frýdek-Místek
"I like the purpose of games - to increase tolerance to others, to get to know better ourselves. These games are good form how to introduce geography, national class and biology to the children in the 1st grade and give them something extra at the same time"
Lucie K.
ZŠ Brandýs n.L.-Stará Boleslav
"Each activities are well and easy explained, no one has to guess or think about what to do there. It has everything, additional questions, tasks and it makes children to think about the topic. I think the tasks are appropriate to the announced age of 6-12 years, younger ones might need help from their teacher. Really, you just print it, laminate and it is ready to use. It is also good that you can do the activities with a group as well as with individuals. Visually beautiful, interesting, various levels of difficulty, rich in content, clearly explained, everything ready."
Daniela J.
ZŠ Spišské Vlachy, SR

Are you still hesitating? What will you get?

These activities are beneficial for you if…

These activities are not for you if ...

How much do you need to invest?

Your investment is: 360 CZK


GET IT NOW and get the best out of it for you, your children and students!

Who is that daring author? 🙂

My name is Jana and I live with my family in a small town underneath the Krkonoše mountains in the Czech Republic. I am a traveler, mum, creator and everything that is connected to it.

I like to create, experience and get to know new, untraditional things. I am interested in cultures, nature, stories of people and uniqueness of all kinds.

I aim to avoid routine, stereotypes, “solid tracks”, prejudices, judgements and “fitting into the box”.

“The best is to form your own view on everything based on your own experience.”

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If you have any questions regarding activities, games or anything about my project, please, do not hesitate to contact me: 🙂
Jana Kalenská
the authoress of the Život ve světě project and activities